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Co-Creators Sol Guy and Josh Thome
(Photo - Aaron Huey)

Director and Co-Creator Josh Thome.
(Photo by Jade Thome)

Host and Co-Creator Sol Guy.
(Photo by Jade Thome)

Co-Creators Sol Guy and Josh Thome during their childhood in the 70s
(Photo - 4REAL Archives)

From 4REAL Peru: Sol Guy, Cameron Diaz, and medicine man Puma Singona enjoy a moment at Machu Picchu.
(Photo by Jade Thome)

From 4REAL Yawanawa: Raimunda Yawanawa, the first of two Yawanawa women shaman.
(Photo by Jade Thome)

Host Sol Guy in Machu Picchu.
(Photo by DCM)