Spread the Word About 4REAL Deal

Thanks for spreading the word that people can give when they Groupon with 4REAL Deal.

4REAL Deal is on the 4REAL home page: www.4REAL.com

The 4REAL Deal facebook app is at: www.4real.com/deal

You can also send people a link to promote a specific cause with 4ERAL Deal. Simply click the "Share this cause" link found below the "Select a cause" option of 4REAL Deal. In the pop-up box you can easily post to facebook or twitter. There is also a link with a unique cause ID number at the end. Copy and share this link however you like (email, blog, web site, etc.). When people click on this link they will go to 4REAL Deal with your cause pre-selected.

Here's some other ideas of things you can do to spread the word:

  1. Like and Share 4REAL
    By Liking 4REAL you will easily spread the word to your friends and will start to receive the 4REAL Deal of the Day in your facebook feed. Whenever you see a 4REAL Deal of the Day post in your feed please click on it to let facebook's algorithms know you're interested in 4REAL Deal. This way you will be able to see the 4REAL Deal of the Day in your feed more often. Share 4REAL through whatever other social media you use by clicking the social media icons at the bottom of this page or the Follow and Google+ icons at the top of this site.

  2. Email Friends
    A short email to friends and colleagues is very effective! Here's a simple template that you can edit:

    Subject: Give to when you Groupon with 4REAL Deal

    Dear friends,

    As you know, I'm a supporter of [cause name] and I want to share with you a great way I found to help support them.

    Simply get your Groupon deals through 4REAL Deal and 2.5% of your purchases will be donated. It's simple, and if you're not familiar with Groupon, the deals are amazing! Go to www.4real.com to start using it now.

    Thanks for your time and support!

  3. Blog about 4REAL Deal
    This is a great way to spread the word. Here's an example that you can edit:

    Title: Give when you Groupon with 4REAL Deal

    If you use Groupon then you'll love 4REAL Deal. Why? Because every time you get a Groupon with 4REAL Deal 2.5% of your purchase goes to the cause of your choice. Everything else is exactly the same, including the price.

    The causes we all care about have been hit hard by the economy in recent years and we need to take advantage of every opportunity to show our support for the things that really matter. With the incredible popularity of Groupon, 4REAL Deal can make a big difference. Check it out and spread the word!

    Go to www.4REAL.com and try it now.

  4. Check out and share 4REAL's social media pages.
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/4real
    Twitter: @4REAL
    YouTube: www.youtube.com/4real